Diagnostic and repair

Diagnostic and Repair

Ohana Electric: Your Diagnostics and Repair Specialists

We understand that electrical problems can be frustrating and even dangerous. That's why Ohana Electric offers comprehensive diagnostics and repair services to quickly identify and resolve any electrical issue in your home, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Here's how we tackle your most common electrical woes:

1. Faulty Switches:

Symptoms: Flickering lights, unresponsive buttons, buzzing sounds.

Our Service: Expert diagnosis and repair or replacement of faulty switches, restoring functionality and safety.

Why Choose Us: Certified technicians, high-quality replacements, and same-day service (if available).

2. Bad Wiring:

Symptoms: Sparks, burning smells, outages, buzzing outlets.

Our Service: Safe and thorough inspection, precise identification of faulty wiring, and expert repair or rewiring, adhering to all safety codes.

Why Choose Us: Advanced diagnostic tools, commitment to safety, and long-lasting solutions.

3. Loose Outlets:

Symptoms: Plugs falling out, sparks, flickering lights.

Our Service: Secure tightening of loose outlets, replacement of damaged ones, and installation of additional outlets based on your needs.

Why Choose Us: Preventative maintenance to avoid future issues, aesthetic options to match your décor, and upfront pricing.

4. Outlet Replacements:

Symptoms: Worn-out outlets, outdated styles, lack of functionality.

Our Service: Safe and efficient replacement of old outlets with modern, GFCI, or USB-equipped options, tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Us: Licensed electricians ensuring code compliance, expert advice on the best type of outlet for your needs, and professional installation.

5. Circuit Breaker Problems:

Symptoms: Tripping breakers, flickering lights, power outages.

Our Service: Troubleshooting to identify the root cause (overloads, ground faults, etc.), resetting or replacing breakers if necessary, and recommending solutions to prevent future issues.

Why Choose Us: Expertise in breaker systems, commitment to safety, and proactive approach to prevent future problems.

6. Overloading:

Symptoms: Tripped breakers, burning smells, warm outlets.

Our Service: Identifying overloaded circuits, safely distributing power, and recommending solutions like additional circuits or upgraded panels.

Why Choose Us: Understanding of current electrical demands, efficient load balancing, and future-proof solutions for your evolving needs.

7. Blown Fuses:

Symptoms: No power in specific areas, tripped breakers not resolving the issue.

Our Service: Safe replacement of blown fuses with the correct amperage, identifying the cause of the blown fuse and recommending solutions to prevent future occurrences.

Why Choose Us: Expertise in older electrical systems, commitment to safety regulations, and comprehensive troubleshooting to avoid recurring issues.

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